Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Games


Games are activities that people participate in,together or on their own,for enjoyment,good health and competition. Games can be divided into two-physical and mental.The former keep the body fit whereas,the latter keeps the mind fit.In this challenging world,people work very hard to earn a better living and thus don’d get time to keep their body and mind fit .By playig games,adults not only remain fit but also enjoy life .I agree with the statement “playing  games is important for adults”.The following are the reasons to support my answer.
            Physical games help us to live an active,confident and healthy life.These games include indoor games like table tennis and outdoor games like footbal and basketball.These games not only increase blood circulation but also burn the excess fat present in our body,which ultimately helps us to remain fresh and active ,thus improving our working habits.These games also teach discipline, co-operation,respect for others,build self-confidence and and teach us to face and tackle difficulties bravely,which in turn help us to achieve success in life and face the failure,too.
            Mental games increase our mental ability,thinking power and patience.These games include chess, puzzle ,quiz and IQ.These games help us to make the right decisions,and thus keep us mentally alert and finally help us to improvise ourselves.