Sunday, July 15, 2012

Which Place Is The Best For Food ?

According to business,life style,career and interest,some people live to eat at food stands or restaurants and some prefer to prepare and eat food at home.But I prefer to prepare and eat my food at home.There are many reasons for this.
            Firstly,cooking and eating at home brings the family members closer.We are so susy with this modern life that we have no time to be with our family and share our problems and feelings or we are no longer interested with our near and dear ones.Eating with the family at the end ot the day and sharing love,happiness and problems make us closer and intimate to the rest of our family members.So I think the best way to catchup with the rest of the family is over a nice cosy dinner and pleasant talk.
            Secondly,I enjoy cooking for other people and letting them praise me for it .It has been an extra bonus because I find cooking therapeutic as well.After coming from an exhausting day of work from the office,it is fun to be my own boss in the kitchen.I can do whatever I want to do and do not have to ask for any permission or worry about doing everything right .It is a fact I know what I am good at amnd it makes me feel exuberant.
            Thirdly,food prepared at home is more hygienic as well as cheaper.Foods at restaurants are cooked in a hassle.We are not sure of how well the ordered food is cooked at the restaurants and whether it is fresh and healthy or not.On the other hand ,if food is prepared at home, we can use fresh and hygienic ingredient,clean and wash them properly before cooking .We can use the flavour,salt,colour,oil,sugar and spices as appropriate for our health.Besides this,foods at restaurants are often expensive.If the foods are prepared at home,we can make them in cheaper price and we don’t have to order and wait for ages as we have to do at restaurants,nor do we have to spend time or money for transportation.